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Dark Shadow Publishing, 2017
ISBN 978-1976421563
Paperback, 249pp.

Pursue the Ripper is the third and concluding volume in Lexy Timms’s trilogy of novels set in her alternate New Londone / East Edge. Together, the three books depict a dark, off-kilter world where shapeshifters, dog-men, and immortal Supernaturals co-exist alongside regular humans in a city plagued with disease. Part urban fantasy, part crime story, it is unquestionably one of the most original and exciting Ripper series of recent years.

It is 2038, twenty years since the Ripper last struck in Whitechurch. But dead bodies are once again turning up in the slums, shredded and disembowelled and with traces of wolf pelt mixed in with the gore. It’s bad news for the East Edge, and it’s especially bad news for the city’s new mayor, Sparks Denton, in his second year in office. Frank Abberline has long since retired, so it’s down to internet journalist Joy Glass, skin-crawling pathologist Rees Llewellyn, Mary Kelly’s daughter, and a small band of ‘Specials’ with extraordinary powers, to save New Londone from the claws of a fearsome serial killer.

What strikes you immediately about Lexy Timms’s work is the flamboyance of her writing. She takes well-known motifs and situations from the Ripper mystery and makes them strange by relocating them in her near-future metropolis; familiar characters are corrupted and repurposed into ghouls, freaks, were-creatures and hybrids. Pursue the Ripper is as good as its predecessors, offering her usual high-powered blend of horror, sex, and rollicking supernatural adventure. I was especially taken by her portrait of the ghostly night watchman Patrick Mulshaw, doomed to patrol the dangerous streets of the East Edge for eternity. It all amounts to a compelling crime thriller and a wonderful piece of London exotica.

Review by David Green.


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