The following review appeared in edition 160 of Ripperologist magazine.




ISBN 10-1979961050
Kindle Edition, 130pp

A stagecoach rattles across the dusty plains of Texas en route to the small prairie town of Abilene. On board are bounty hunters Frank Vito and his partner Ellie Stockwell, and an English journalist named Edwin Greaves, who covered the Jack the Ripper murders for the London newspapers. He regales his fellow passengers with all the grisly details before confiding that the killer has crossed the Atlantic to continue his bloody work in the New World. Indeed, only a few days previously a prostitute was found butchered in Abilene in a frenzied Ripper-style attack, her body cut up like a side of cattle…

This is the latest instalment in the author’s Bounty Hunters series. In a previous volume Frank and Ellie found themselves in Austin, tracking down the Servant Girl Annihilator. Can they repeat their success here? Will Edwin Greaves get the story of a lifetime? Or will Jack the Ripper commit five murders in Abilene and then vanish like he did in London? It’s not a straightforward case by any means; we learn there are several suspects – a vicious cowhand named Tom Ballard, the town sawbones Nathan Jacobson, and a surgeon listed as Scotland Yard’s number one most wanted ‒ Doc Francis Tumblety…

Jack the Ripper Goes West combines the thrills of the Wild West with the suspense of a good historical murder mystery. It’s written with considerable panache. If you concentrate, you can smell beans and meat, whiskey and gunsmoke, and the foetor of thick, dark blood.

Review by David Green.


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